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    Kent Baldree
    No title · 2 months ago

    What makes a gambling site good or the best has a lot to do with the following:

    Design – Look and Feel

    This may seem obvious but the user experience is essential and builds trust with site users. Not all sites have figured this out but most users actually do care about the design.

    Game Selection

    Game selection is also really important because different players and users have different preferences. If a site doesn’t have a good variety of games to offer, then they won’t get or retain very many users.

    Bonuses and Free Spins

    If a site offers bonuses and free spins, then they are worth giving a shot because they are most likely confident in their site and the games they offer so they are willing to provide new users with offers to hopefully attract them to come to their site and play.


    Site security can make or break a site. If the site does not show any trust symbols or certificates, then you may want to steer clear of that site. To figure out which sites are safe and which are ones are not, visit They actually take the time to test out different gambling sites to help users know which sites are legit and worth playing.

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    No title · 1 month ago

    I suggest gambling being profitable nowadays. It`s a game of chance of course. Moreover, those who depend on gambling to either become rich or to make a livelihood are basically who are lazy and don't wish to work. Easy money makes one greedy also. Nevertheless I like playing. I know its weird but if you are well informed and disciplined enough to look at casino slot machines and research you could actually make it a living like some friends of mine. I play at and it brings me a lot of income. It's rather good sum of money for me. When i have started playing online, i start with a small amount and every time i lose that but again i play and so many times i lose the money. Then rapidly i win and nowadays, i am playing both online and offline games in real and online casinos.