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History confirms that humans used bracelets as love-tokens and talismans since ages. If alligator skin bracelets were the trend a few hundred years ago, today, a dash of beaded strip next to your watch is considered vogue!

Critics vehemently vary on the subject of accessorizing men’s wear. While many vouch that Men’s wear must focus on functional accessories like clothing, shoes etcetera, a beaded bracelet also manifests an ascetic hue to its wearer.

Here are the 8 reasons why adrianjade beaded bracelets are a must-have for every man:


Adrianjade bracelets are an all-time conversation starter for any occasion. A man with bracelet automatically becomes a captivating storyteller. Depending on how unique or contrasting the bracelet is with your attire or personality, you will be amused at how many people approach you enquiring about the story behind it.

For example, Lapis Lazuli gemstone is the oldest known gemstone in the history of mankind and has been used for over 6000 years. Tiger’s eye gemstone is believed to contain the powers of earth and sun and was used by Egyptian warriors to give them strength and courage.


Are you a strong supporter of Green Earth? Wear an adrianjade bracelet made with 100% natural gemstones that give ‘zero’ green house gases and gives a louder voice to your cause!

Bracelets have been long used as a statement maker by style gurus and celebrities and are befitting to every credo. A silent yet loud emphasisfor your ideology, wearing bracelets gives a wider exposure to your cause. Men’s bracelets that are driven by a superlative cause also add value to your getup, for an onlooker.

3) Make a STYLE STatement

Adrianjade bracelets are instantly noticeable. They also reflect the tastes and preferences of a person. The current fashion applauds multiple bracelets and combining an adrianjade stone classic silver bracelet with and an Onyx and Leather Bracelets. Bracelets itself signifies your progressive thoughts on men’s fashion!

Adrianjade Beaded bracelets for men are probably the best designer bracelets for men. In fact, a simple yet elegant natural Labradoritegemstone adrianjade bracelet looks stunning on any man’s wrist. Such a beaded bracelet is an everlasting dose of a magnetic aura too.


Ancient cultures have all known and harnessed the power of nature. Since long, natural gemstones are used to ward off evil and protect the user.

Adrianjade men’s bracelets are made with natural gemstones with mysterious powers from ancient times. Wearing these bracelets might help you explore these powers and uplift your personality.


Well, if you are wealthy there’s no harm in showing off a bit (just a bit though).

Adrianjade bracelets are only for those men who want and deserve only the very best for them. These are not your average bracelets that you can pick up at your corner store.

Each bracelet is handmade to YOUR specifications by a team of highly skilled and motivated craftsmen using the very best natural stone and sterling silver beads. You can be rest assured that you are buying a master-piece specifically crafted for you. Check our bracelets at
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